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Time-lapse Photography

Someone asked me recently what time-lapse photography is.

Time-lapse photography involves taking a sequence of photographs and then putting them together to form a movie.

Here’s an example using a Canon XSi Camera with Pentax Takumar 28mm lens

It’s a stunning bit of animation. The creator of the video shot 1 Frame every 10 minutes for seven days. He kept the flower lit with a lamps and he forced it to dry out with a for seven days to take this picture.

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Building a Konica Minolta Honda CBR 600 rr Motorcycle

Yeah, I know. A motorcycle post on a photography blog is kind of a stretch.

But it’s a Minolta Honda CBR 600 rr. Ain’t nothing better than that.

It’s cool. The only thing that would be better is if the Honda were black and it had the early Minolta font. But the machine is still striking.

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Now check out this Honda CBR 600 rr:

And here’s a close-up with some nice exhaust sounds:

Erik Johansson’s TED Talk

Here is a brief TED Talk where Erik Johansson talks about photo manipulation. Personally, I’m not into manipulation, but his work is quite good.