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Time-lapse Photography

Someone asked me recently what time-lapse photography is.

Time-lapse photography involves taking a sequence of photographs and then putting them together to form a movie.

Here’s an example using a Canon XSi Camera with Pentax Takumar 28mm lens

It’s a stunning bit of animation. The creator of the video shot 1 Frame every 10 minutes for seven days. He kept the flower lit with a lamps and he forced it to dry out with a for seven days to take this picture.

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Canon C300

The Canon C300 digital video camera has been announced. This is not a replacement for the typical home camera. This is a pretty cool and very compact $20,000 camera.

Here’s a video talking about the Canon C300 vs the Red Scarlet X. I’m not going to just duplicate his content, you can see it here. Going by specs, he likes the Red better. Real tests are better than specs though, so I’ll be waiting.

I’ll also post videos of the Red once those start showing up.

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Photography On The Net – Canon Digital Photography Forums

Here’s another photography forum that I think is worth checking out, especially if you shoot Canon digital cameras – Photography On The Net – Canon Digital Photography Forums

Here, you will find a very active set of discussion forums dealing with subjects like photography industry news, Canon gear, the business of photography, processing, printing, and photo sharing.

There is quite a bit of information here and these forums are very active.