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KatzEye Replacement Focusing Screens

I was looking around for replacement focusing screens and ran into KatzEye Optics. Everything I’ve seen has been positive so far. So I thought I’d pass this along.

Their replacement screens cover many different DSLRs from several manufacturers including Leica, Pentax, Olympus, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Panasonic and Samsung.

The attraction for me is the enhanced focusing ability when using manual focus lenses. DSLR focusing screens are sub-optimal for manual focusing.

One nice thing about them is that they have a service to replace the screen for you. This is wonderful news for those that might be a wee bit nervous about accidentally damaging the sensitive parts of the camera.

I have not used their product yet, but do intend to.

Here is a review I found on the KatzEye focusing screen for a Canon DSLR.

Here’s a video of a KatzEye Focusing Screen on a Nikon D7000

Contest to win a Leica M9 owned by the singer, Seal

I don’t normally plug contests, but this one is pretty darn cool.

Here’s your chance to win a Leica M9, not just any Leica M9, but one owned by the singer, Seal. He has donated it as a prize to Steve Huff for use on his blog. As posted on Steve Huff’s site, Seal is a true Leica lover.

This is one beautiful camera.

Just follow this link directly to the contest on stevehuffphoto.com, jump through a couple very small hoops, submit two pictures and you might win. Good luck, though not too good of luck, because I plan on entering it too. My two dream cameras are the Leica MP and the Leica M9. I don’t believe any finer cameras are made.

By the way, Steve’s camera reviews are always worth reading. There are reviews, articles and a forum to be found on his site. So check it out.

Click here for Leica camera and lens reviews as well as Leica cameras on ebay.

Leica S2, M9, Summilux, Blog… Whew – There’s a lot going on in Leica Land

OK, so the post on the Leica S2 really got me thinking about digital Leica goodness. I was thinking that the S2 is beautiful and big but the Leica M9 is really much more my size.

Anyway, I was looking around and I saw that a new Summilux version is available. In this article, LEICA announced the update of its Leica SUMMILUX-M 35 mm f/1.4 ASPH.

Other new Leica goodness includes their new Leica Blog. I’ll be reading.