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Photography Site of the Day – The Picture Desk

Every once in a while, I find myself on Rob Skeoch’s site, The Picture Desk.

I enjoy this blog for a few reasons. For one, Rob is into film and digital photography and is a working pro. For another, he has his own company selling photography equipment – rangefinder cameras and lenses, large format cameras (Toyo and Canham) and lenses and manual focus lenses for DSLRs, such as Zeiss lenses for Canon EOS bodies and Zeiss lenses for Nikon bodies

Now, I’m not so much into sports photography, and he shoots a lot of it. What I like, though, is that he is not afraid to buck the trends.

When everyone else is only shooting a Nikon or Canon DSLR, he’s out there with a Sony A500, Sony A550, or Sony A850. Sometimes, he shoots a Leica or has even borrowed a friend’s Nikon D700 to try it out with one of the manual Zeiss lenses he sells.