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Time-lapse Photography

Someone asked me recently what time-lapse photography is.

Time-lapse photography involves taking a sequence of photographs and then putting them together to form a movie.

Here’s an example using a Canon XSi Camera with Pentax Takumar 28mm lens

It’s a stunning bit of animation. The creator of the video shot 1 Frame every 10 minutes for seven days. He kept the flower lit with a lamps and he forced it to dry out with a for seven days to take this picture.

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KatzEye Replacement Focusing Screens

I was looking around for replacement focusing screens and ran into KatzEye Optics. Everything I’ve seen has been positive so far. So I thought I’d pass this along.

Their replacement screens cover many different DSLRs from several manufacturers including Leica, Pentax, Olympus, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Panasonic and Samsung.

The attraction for me is the enhanced focusing ability when using manual focus lenses. DSLR focusing screens are sub-optimal for manual focusing.

One nice thing about them is that they have a service to replace the screen for you. This is wonderful news for those that might be a wee bit nervous about accidentally damaging the sensitive parts of the camera.

I have not used their product yet, but do intend to.

Here is a review I found on the KatzEye focusing screen for a Canon DSLR.

Here’s a video of a KatzEye Focusing Screen on a Nikon D7000

Fred Miranda Photography Forum

I thought I would continue writing about some interesting photography forums that I’ve found. FredMiranda.com has a nice forum.

This is a general purpose forum. It has gear discussion, photo assignments, contests, and critiques.

Not all posts seem to get responses, yet it does seem to be a very active forum with very helpful members.

The main attraction for me there is the Alternative Gear & Lenses Forum I always can find something to sink my teeth into when considering alternative gear. There’s some great stuff there including using older Pentax or Minolta lenses on newer Canon bodies and things like that.

It also has Nikon and Canon SLR forums as well as one for pro digital photography.

The site includes a store, articles and essays, and software plug-ins for sale. I have not purchased anything from them, however. I’ve only gone there to read the forums.

It’s worth checking out.